In what may not be a surprise to many, living in London is ridiculously expensive, and has been for decades. According to figures published in late July, the capital is currently the third most expensive city on average to live in the world, with the second highest cost of transportation. London was narrowly beaten out by Zurich, Switzerland, and the top-ranked Grand Cayman of the Cayman Islands, the worst's most infamous tax haven with a population just above 52,000 compared to London's 8.6 million.

Cutting the excess costs is a trial for many, but University of London student Jonathan Davey may have presented one of the craftiest methods of saving expenses and creating one of the most concise portraits of how insane in-city costs have become. In an interview with The Mirror, Davey revealed that he actually resides at a hostel in Gdansk, Poland, and travels over 1000 miles every week to classes - which actually is saving him money, compared to living in London.

Living on campus would've cost Davey £220 a week, says the 23-year-old student. But living in Gdansk on Poland's northern cost and traveling to Luton on Wednesday mornings is saving him several thousand pounds a year, calculating his annual costs at an incredibly manageable £2,100. This, according to Davey, includes bus and airfare. While in London from Wednesday to Friday, Davey resides with friends or in cheap hotels.

An anthropology student, Davey professes his love for Gdansk, which only takes him back £35 a week comparatively. He says, "My parents think I’m mad, but they've always known I'm a free spirit. I've shown them the figures and they can see I'm saving a fortune. Flying backwards and forwards every week makes life feel a bit like a permanent holiday."

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