For many of us, it’s hard to ignore that music is deeply ingrained in our day-to-day lives. From simply switching on your mobile phone, television or radio, you’re likely to be surrounded by music for much of the day. As a result of this worldwide appreciation for the work of the industry, music has become central to the strategies of many different sectors. While high-street fashion retailers opt to play a variety of the most popular releases in an attempt to create an atmosphere which is enjoyable to the shopper, the gaming industry also looks to integrate music in a similar manner. In turn, the general use of music impacts not only our mood but also how we play online games.

As a result of that fact, we’re going to consider how music is used within the gaming industry and how its integration influences the way in which we play.

How Music Affects the Way that we Play

High-street retailers use music to create an atmosphere that seeks to better the mood of shoppers, and the same can also be said for the gaming industry. Within many online games, sound is not only used for atmospheric purposes but also to put the gamer in a certain frame of mind. Alongside the use of music, online platforms also focus on the use of color to complement the effectiveness of the background sounds. Due to the nature of colors such as blue, green and violet having a calming influence on the user, the combination of audio and visual effects impact upon the way in which we play online games.

Aside from traditional video games, online casino games have also looked to utilize music in their attempts to increase user enjoyment upon participation through creating an immersive environment. Following its release back in 2012, Starburst, one of the most popular online slot machines, has demonstrated how light-hearted, yet impactful music can transform gaming experiences. With free spins on Starburst now becoming available across a range of online casinos, the constant light and tranquil sounds within the game, combined with the regular interjection of electrifying, upbeat blasts of music upon winning, result in a relaxing environment that can also heighten adrenaline and maximize excitement through its ability to control emotions.

The Impact of Using Music Within Video Games

The video game industry has long used sound as a way to create an atmosphere. Throughout the audiovisual scene, music remains one of the most effective ways to create both a certain mood and tone. While other industries look to only use an upbeat style of music to immerse their target audience in their product or service, the gaming sector utilizes sounds from a wide array of different genres in seeking to create the perfect atmosphere. Moreover, background music is becoming one of the most important aspects within modern-day titles as the right soundtrack can increase user interest.

Aside from how soundtracks can be used to create an immersive atmosphere, the recent focus on music within video games has been instrumental in ensuring that the music industry not only survives but also continues to flourish. In 2018, the video game industry was expected to generate $137.9 billion and due to popular releases such as FIFA, Madden, NFL, and many more focusing on creating a balanced soundtrack, the music industry has enjoyed an upturn in fortunes. With the aforementioned titles, along with hundreds more being made available worldwide, video games form the platform for many modern-day releases finding global success. Crucially, their role is likely to continue being instrumental to the future growth of the music industry over the coming years.

Music Makes the Difference

In recent years, music has become central to the gaming industry and that doesn’t look like it will change any time soon. As the gaming sector continues to expand through further developments and releases, the relationship between the two industries is only going to grow stronger. With many believing that sound defines the overall feel of a release, it seems clear that developers will continue to ensure that music is meticulously selected to create an immersive atmosphere.