After you have chosen your wedding stationary like Mixbook wedding invites, it is time to tackle the invitation wording. Whether you want to use classic wording or be a little more creative and whimsical, there are some basic elements that need to be included no matter the route you choose.

Do the Wording Line By Line

1. The host line

At the top of the invitation, it is always gracious to include the names of both the bride's and groom's parents as hosts no matter who takes care of the bill. If the bride, groom and both of the parents are hosting and footing the bill, you can write something like "Together with their parents, Victoria and Jim request the honor of your presence during…"

2. What if any of the parents are deceased?

If you want to add the name of a parent who is no longer present, you will have to rearrange some things, because somebody who has passed cannot actually be a host. An alternative way is to add the name of a deceased parent simply means rearranging the phrasing a bit. For example you can write,

"Amy Marks, daughter of Mr. Ben Marks and the late Julia Marks,


Jimmy Gabriel, son of Mr. Gideon and Beth Gabriel, request the pleasure of your company at their wedding on the tenth of July, two thousand nineteen

At two o'clock in the afternoon

St. Austin's Church

Simi Valley, CA

Dinner and dancing to follow thereafter

Black tie requested.

3. What to do if any of the parents are divorced or remarried

Given that the parents of the bride or groom are no longer married and you want to add them both as hosts, it is okay to include all of them, but you should keep every parent on a separate line. If you want to add the name of a stepparent, then you can write it on the same line. It may seem complicated at first, but all that is needed is a few more lines. The following is an example on how to word an invitation where the bride has divorced and remarried parents.

"Mr. Conroy and Helena James

and Mr. Philip Brown and Rose Brown

and Mr. Curtis and Elizabeth Smith

invite you to the wedding of their children

Jane Brown and Brian Smith 02.07.19

3 p.m.

All Saints Cathedral

Newport, CA

Reception immediately after

4. Request line

There are many ways in which you can ask for the honor of your guest's presence. Here are several options:

    "pleasure of your company"
    "honor of your presence"
    "at the marriage of their children"
    "invite you to join in their celebration"
    "would love for you to join them"

If their names have not been placed on the host line, they still need to take the center stage on some of the lines below. Nobody can forget to include those names on an invitation, obviously, but you may be wondering whose name needs to go first on the invitation. Traditionally, the bride's name always comes first. Formal invitations sent out by the parents of the bride refer to her using her first and middle names while the groom is referred to by his full name and title. If the couple is hosting the event by themselves, titles are optional.

6. Date and time

If the wedding is formal, everything needs to be written out in full, no numerals should be used. Adding the year is optional. Time of day should be written out using o'clock. Using a.m. or p.m. and numerals is fine for casual weddings.