All things creative is how he puts it.

Hypemari is a photographer, creative director and artist who describes his work as a photojournalistic approach to people, experiences and urban sub-genres. We got to tap into the creative mind of Hypemari, and here's what he had to say.


Much of your personal work focuses on street photography. Can you tell us why? What fascinates you about capturing that movement in those types of settings?

I enjoy capturing situations. I think it's quite magical to see something that I'll never be able to see again and capture it so I can relay it back to people, letting them experience that moment and interpret it in their own way.


What inspires you to pick up your camera and take a photo?

The inspiration comes from the need to create and have a creative output, like most artists, I do it to escape or express how I feel.

Besides street photography what else do you look to for inspiration and does travelling play a role in the influence of your work?

Urban genres, such as graffiti and street art and music are also a huge inspiration for me. Travelling is extremely important; it's like the right-hand man to my photography. The majority of my work is based on my experiences away from home.


You're also a creative director/ visual artist how do you see these different medias expanding on your work? And how did you get into those roles?

I guess the more I work and travel is the more that I gain an understanding of different things and cultures. I always come up with more ideas after a trip away.

I don't like to put anything into a box so if could have it my way I wouldn't call myself anything other than Hypemari. After sitting down and thinking about what I want to do, creative director fell into that, photographer fell into that and artist fell into that too... I basically fell into it. [Laughing]


You were recently in Moscow, Russia showcasing some of your work at an exhibition - tell us about your experience?

Moscow is a really cool place and the people out there showed me love. It was nice to be able to go out there and exhibit my work. I got told a lot of dangerous stories about Russia before I went... but I guess the world is a dangerous place regardless of where you go. I think it's important to experience new things.

What ideas were you meditating on when you were putting together your selection of work at your exhibition in Moscow?

My Moscow exhibition was an overview of the work that I've displayed in the past. Russia has recently come out of communism so people there don't get to travel as much as for example people in London. My focus was to show them places they may have never seen before, or a retrospective of what I've seen.


How did you get into showcasing your work at exhibitions?

I've always been into art, like a singer who dreams of performing in front of thousands of people my dream was to have my work exhibited in galleries showcased to thousands of people.

Your work often captures that very moment in time, how important is that to you?

Moments are priceless and are really all we have in life to look back on. I think that's why photography and moments resonate with so many people, not just me.


Will your work continue to focus on other parts of the world?


Are you conscious of how to keep your work authentic when you return to working on themes such as editorials/brands?

It's not a conscious effort, everybody has their own style that will always be noticeable I guess. When I shoot editorials I have my own style of shooting.


Do you have any future projects we need to keep an eye out for?

I'm working on a few things at the moment. My first solo exhibition amongst other collaborations. I'm also starting up my own brand - MosArt Club.

Lastly, if you could describe yourself in three words what would they be?

Artful, authentic and ASTRONOMICAL.

You can visit Hypemari by heading here.