Previously on Picture it Forward, Coast Modern challenged the next band to draw themselves as their higher selves. To tackle this, Colouring decided to do things a little differently and draw each other instead of drawing themselves.

Colouring have challenged the next band to, using only blue, draw themselves as their spirit animal.

Jack, drawn by Sean


Sean: This is Your Royal Highness King Kenworthy. The task was to draw each other as their higher selves, so I guess Jack is both higher in status, royally, he’s not only the sitter in the throne but higher literally I suppose as he’s on a horseback. And he has a crown for added upward height.

Jack: Holding a cross?

Sean: This is a flaming torch. Because you are the highest you are the beacon for everyone, I don’t want to get too deep here but this is one of those holy things that the queen has. I’ve taken a lot of inspiration from Queen Elizabeth here. And there we have it, His Royal Highness King Kenworthy. Long live the King.

Sean, drawn by Dom


Dom: This is Sean as his higher self. He is a beautiful pink angel with a shining gold halo. But also looks like he’s just woken up after a five-day bender. This is a Sean where he’s still a little bit high and also an angel. A pink angel.

Jack: A drunken angel?

Dom: A drunk, pink angel.

Jack: I’ve never seen an angel with stubble, that’s interesting.

Alex, drawn by Jack


Jack: I drew a very accurate caricature of our wise drummer. Just working out, fit body, fit mind. Drumsticks in the corner, he’s left his very large gym pass in the corner. He’s just eating protein, protein, protein, more protein. Arms look hench, you can tell by the abs and the pecks. And he’s having. great time, look at that! Tighty whities, dumbbells, there you go, that’s Alex. He’s just a hench guy and I think he could be hencher. I just want to see him get bigger and bigger, that’s all I’m hoping. Keep going, bro, just keep going, don’t quit!

Alex: Thanks, bro.

Dom, drawn by Alex


Alex: So this is Dom playing the bass in the sky because I thought, you know, how can a bass player get higher? Just play in the sky (whole band laugh). Clouds are a bit green because, you know, a bit of a double entendre there with being high, playing bass, green clouds, and in the sky.