The continually unclarified guidelines of the widely used Instagram platform have been a target of criticism for some time now, much of which has been focused on the app's somewhat confusing rules regarding nudity.

In the past, the app's management team was feverishly quick in taking down any and all nudity, which rarely lasted an hour on the platform after users posted the photos. However, supermodel Naomi Cambell recently uploaded this photo onto her account, lead by the familiar hashtag #freethenipple. It was taken down, but lasted nearly 24 hours on the platform - much longer than previous attempts by other users.

Criticism flew again over the app's seemingly confusing rules. Co-founder and CEO Kevin Systrom clarified why the company took the move and that changes to the previous approach will not be happening any time soon.

Last week, Systrom noted that because Instagram is used in the iTunes App Store, its subject to the company's age guideline restrictions. And because Instagram is one of the world's most widely-used apps, its current age restriction is 12-plus. Apps that allow nudity are only allowed for apps rated 17-plus. However, several outlets noted that other widely-used apps, such as Twitter, have a much lower age-restriction (Twitter's is currently rated 4-plus) but users have a much larger access to nudity.

While the methods are still puzzling, there's no indication that anything will be changing soon.