The ninth annual iPhone Photography Awards were announced, awarding a multitude of professional and amateur photographers for their best work with the mobile camera.

This year, Poland's Michael Korelewski managed to take home Photographer of the Year, with professional British photographer David Craik trailing in second place, followed by U.S. photographer Yvonne Lu. Each of the winners also took home a brand new Apple Watch Sport.

Submitted nominees came in from over 120 countries, most of which according to The Independent, were professionals. 57 others were awarded in 19 separate categories, with each category winner earning a gold bar (much different than an Apple Watch).

Submissions for the 2016 contest are now open. Guidelines are simple, as content must only be taken on an iPhone, iPod, or iPad and can only be edited using the original iOS software. Head over to The Independent to take a look at this year's winners.