No new year's commencement can come without a new look. Enter Itchy Scratchy Patchy. Founded by model/equestrian Edie Campbell and artist Christabel MacGreevy, Itchy Scratchy Patchy was born to make your closet pop.

Sumos, flowers, bodybuilders, pole dancers, centipedes and showgirls adorn berets, sweatshirts sleeves and the legs of your jeans. While the majority of the brand focuses on embroidered patches, it also features drawings on t-shirts. Unlike any other brand out there, Itchy Scratchy Patchy also pays a subtle nod to Campbell's background in art history with the Three Graces patch.

Funk with a whole lotta spunk, you can't go wrong with each design to add a uniquely campy cute look. Pull out your old jeans and get to work.

Buy their stuff on or at Dover Street Market.