Working outside time and space, there's J. Frede - an artist, a commentator and an explorer of time, space and the memory. His mind is infinitely puzzled. Troubled by the relationship between human behaviour and its relation to time.

His latest project The Fiction Landscapes speaks the language of the past. By collecting secondhand photographs of strangers and creating fictional landscapes out of them, Frede connects the moments experienced by complete strangers. His uncanny landscapes are works of fiction evoking the fleeting ambiguity of memories.

What J. Frede wants to do with his work is something rather naïve yet beautiful. He wants to remind us how the "land beneath our feet is connected to the land beneath our loved ones feet" and how everything is connected. "Arranging these into new landscapes that have never existed speaks to the stitching together of human behavior and how we relate to time and the past," states Frede on his website. "How many people have pulled over at that rest stop and taken nearly the same photo of the plain hillside? All locking their own associations into the view, first road trip with a new love; last road trip to see grandma; one of many road trips alone."

 photo jfrede_fiction_landscape_no_008_zps18qyq7i0.jpg  photo jfrede_fictionlandscape_NO.009_zps0tg98bv0.jpg  photo jfrede_fiction_landscape_no_006_zpsdsv4vljx.jpg  photo jfrede_fictionlandscape_NO.012_zpsauqjw1k4.jpg