PG - Isaiah Thomas

So fucking what that his games with the Cavs were dreadful enough for everyone to worry that the best team in the East was spiralling into despair? I LOVE ISAIAH THOMAS. How can you not love this guy?

Also, he's had a tough year. He got traded from the team that he made relevant again (The Celtics), his sister died in a car accident right before the playoffs, he's coming back from hip injury. How sick would it be to just watch him torch everyone???

SF - Michael Beasley

THE WALKING BUCKET. THAT'S HIS NICKNAME, THAT HE GAVE HIMSELF. He shoots the ball like 600 times in a regulation game, imagine in an ALL-STAR GAME! 800 TIMES? 1000 TIMES?

SG - Steph Curry

Okay, now that we have Isaiah Thomas and Michael Beasley on the team, someone's going to have to score the basketball.

PF - Giannis Antetokounmpo

Oh man, the Greek Freak! Who doesn't love this guy, a Nigerian immigrant from Greece, plopped into fucking WISCONSIN and apparently stoked to be living upstairs from a Greek restaurant when he first moved here. I keep hearing he's gonna be the next legendary player, and I believe that shit, and I hope he is. He rocks.

C - Joel Embiid

YES!!!! TRUST!!! THE!!! PROCESS!!!! Joel Embiid only needs to play 20 minutes to dominate a game, and he's a massive shit-talker. He also seemingly only started playing basketball 4 years ago and he's already better than everybody else at it. FUCK YEAH.

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