It is not uncommon for a gaming developer to take their first steps within a specific genre and then branch out into uncharted territory. This is the case with Plarium, the studio behind successful strategy titles like Stormfall and Vikings: War of Clans. Taking inspiration from history, Plarium established itself in strategy games with a strong fantasy element, where players go on quests, build towns, and battle it out to be the last one standing. Now the developer company has turned to casual gaming with equal success. Its latest casual gaming title is set in the age of the Gold Rush and sees a combo of farming and adventure all in one neat and exciting game.

Casual gaming on the rise

It is not surprising that Plarium decided to tread the waters of casual gaming, as the genre has been steadily rising over the years. As research indicates, in 2018, the gaming industry reached roughly $135 billion, marking a 10.9% rise in one year, while it is expected to grow to more than $180 billion by 2021. With over 2.5 billion gamers all over the world and 456 million following eSports, it is casual gaming that gets the lion’s share: puzzle games made $3.8 billion in 2018 and arcade games grew by $1.9 billion -or 95%- from 2017 to 2018. While online games like League of Legends or Dota 2 continue to dominate in eSports, casual gaming seems to have gained a stronghold when it comes to contemporary entertainment – especially in the continuously rising mobile gaming market.

Timed lands in Klondike

In this context, Plarium took one of its most popular mobile casual games, Klondike Adventures, and revamped it in a web version, entitled Klondike: The Lost Expedition. The game follows the adventures of a young man who travels to the Blue Peaks Valley in search of his father, who set out to look for gold. A big part of the game is dedicated to expeditions and quests, as the player explores the intriguing map searching for clues in order to complete his mission and find his father. A compelling element is the feature of timed lands, which are only available for a limited period of time. They are often holiday-themed and offer the chance to gather resources and complete tasks in order to snatch the main prize of each land.

Building your base

The game also has permanent locations, and before setting out on quests, the player has to establish their base. Building farms and factories as well as arranging trading relationships is a vital element of the game, which provides a nice combination of farming and town-building with adventure and mystery. The fact that it is set in the iconic Gold Rush period that saw thousands of gold prospectors flock to Yukon and Alaska between 1897 and 1898, provides a nice touch of nostalgia and a historical twist to the setting. In a nutshell, Klondike: The Lost Expedition has a little bit of everything, from quests to farming, all wrapped up in exciting graphics and exciting gameplay, that could appeal to any taste and easily satisfy casual gamers.