Billionaire weirdo, Elon Musk really wants to go to Mars. Earlier last month, he unveiled his plans to get there by effortlessly transporting humans in order to start a new civilization. And it looks like Leonardo DiCaprio is on board.

During President Obama's South by South Lawn festival at the white house, climate scientist Dr. Katharine Hayhoe was reportedly joking about Musk's terrible idea in relation to her conversation about climate change. "The reality is is that if we're a human living on this planet, which most of us are…as long as we haven't signed up for the trip to Mars, I don't wanna know if anybody has, I think you're crazy…," she said.

"I did," Leo reportedly replied.

"Oh, you did? Oh, I'm sorry I take that back," she said.

"I think he'll acknowledge he's crazy,” Obama reportedly piped in.

Well, so long Leo. It was nice watching your pretty face on the big screen. Although the conversation sounds more like fan fiction, we can no longer feel emotionally attached to someone with a death wish.