Love and Art met on Wednesday 22 March, in aid of Mind - a charity for better mental health. The launch of 'Love in me' - a project curated by Creative Director and Stylist Zarah Elizabeth - debuted at the super trendy Buster Mantis in the heart of Deptford, to raise awareness of an issue that impacts a lot of people.

Live P.A's, an art exhibition and an eclectic mix of like-minded people, created an inclusive atmosphere that not only addressed issues of mental health but was creatively inspiring.

To paint the scene, the night began with a stylish crowd engaging to the sounds of DJ Keshia G, while reflecting on the art exhibited by some of London's most promising artists.

With so many eye-catching paintings on display, it was a pleasure to discuss some of the inspiration behind the amazing pieces; all contributed by female artists, with a strong presence of feminism, love and self-acceptance, which studies show is a crucial step to better mental health.

IJE Hadid's abstract interpretations of transmutation, energy and breakthrough moments through symbolism, stretched the mind to go beyond and see her story. Catalinebabs' obsession with the female form and female empowerment, told her personal story - one of freedom and expression through her painting and evolution as an artist by introducing new elements to her work, incorporating texture and words; to produce pieces that truly convey a message of self-love.

The theme of feminity and the celebration of the female body through truly exciting works of art were the perfect backdrop for an evening of love, connection and awareness. Annette Heartist's striking female portraits embodied this theme. Poppy Leah's line work and figure images of the female form, tell her story of searching for the beauty she recognised in her subjects. Having found the strength to overcome fears and anxiety through her work, her enchanting images are a pure example of triumph through faith and the support of loved ones, which is a key part of the healing process when dealing with issues of mental health. The mood was warm with smiles and an openness to discuss the taboo topic, calm yet full of life; a refreshing change.

Charismatic host and budding actress, Debbie Gayle took to the stage to welcome the crowd and share some astounding stats about mental health in the UK.

According to a report by the Mental Health Foundation, "one in six adults experiences symptoms of common mental health problems, such as anxiety and depression... One in five adults has considered taking their own life." With women between 16-24 being three times more likely to experience common mental health problems and even higher rates of self-harm, bipolar disorder and post-traumatic stress disorder among men and women; only a third of those have received a diagnosis.

Such staggering figures leave you wondering why this isn't spoken about more openly and why there is so much shame in seeking help. Zarah Elizabeth, creator of 'Love In Me', says that this lack of support for those experiencing mental health and lack of self-love that is so prominent among suffers (herself and her immediate network included), was her motivation to provide a space that would openly address the issue and through art, music and a fashion film, not only dispel the stigma of mental health but influence a change in how we deal with it.

Lyricist, singer and poet Sharna Cane, performed a moving spoken word piece inspired by the strong females in her life. Her great flow unearthed a reality of struggle and conquer, that resonated with the audience.

The stunning vocal tones of Kaia, transformed the vibration of the room, shattering any stigma left in the midst. Her breathtaking performance of 'Free My Soul' left the crowd in awe. Sharing her experience of hypochondria and using music and songwriting as a way of releasing emotion, expressing herself and moving forward, was nothing less than inspiring.

What made this event so special was the reality shared by all who attended. There was an air of acceptance, no judgement, a serenity hovered like smoke throughout the venue; the contributing artists and crowd alike shared a common experience - one that had bought them all together and one that created an uplifting atmosphere.

Intermissions allowed the buzzing crowd to soak up the ambience and as the evening continued the vibration of love could not be ignored.

The beautiful Lola Young, gave life to the crowd performing her own songs while playing the guitar. So young and fearless in her delivery she engaged the crowd and had everyone singing to her cover of the late Prince's 'Kiss'. Event-goers were stunned to find out she was only 16 but mental illness affects young and old in our community; it is therefore so important for young people to be educated about better mental health and feel able to discuss the issue of mental health openly with their peers.

Closing the live performances was PBGR - a totally bad ass rap duo of young men. They were the perfect end to the live performances, instigating a wave of melodic hip-hop that gave the crowd an injection of high energy.

All the artists who contributed to the event gave a piece of themselves, lending to the integrity and overall message of the evening. What was most invigorating was the honesty shared among everyone; making connections organic, with the art, each other and the overall message of the event.

This message of Love, Peace and Unity was at the forefront of Z.E's agenda for 'Love in me'. The talented Creative Director of this amazing night spoke candidly about her experience as a young black woman, who found her voice through love and self-acceptance. Her story moved her to be fearless and inspired her to curate 'Love Un Me' and creative direct a short Fashion Film. After months of hard work, Zarah bravely debuted her highly anticipated film to the audience.

The body of work left the audience completely mesmerised. It was captivating, moving and visually beautiful; the cinematic feel of the film inspired by love, the feminine power of greats such as Nina Simone and individual style of Solange, provoked feelings of healing, love and tranquillity.

The images hypnotised as they danced to the sultry vocals of Manna Jureidini-McLeod, singer and model who featured in the film alongside boyfriend... and the powerful spoken word both written by Creative Director Z.E; simply titled 'Love', it was raw perfection and left the vibe on a high.

Upon reflection, the stylish take on nature and nurture in relation to how we deal with and overcome mental illness through Love was groundbreaking. The message could not be clearerL there is true beauty in the embracing of love and it is through love that we can not only embrace, accept and heal ourselves but also help heal each other.