Getting caught up in the hustle and bustle, sometimes it's hard to find the time to focus on the things we're really passionate about. If that's the case for you (as it is with a lot of people), then you might appreciate the new limited edition commuter newspaper by Microsoft Lumia.

The Five To Nine newspaper is inspired by a more positive approach, as that's when people work more efficiently; when they're feelin' good. When we look to the news it's usually lead by tragedy, disasters and all things doom and gloom. It's a horrible reality that I totally respect - but it would be nice to look to a publication that's focusing on the good stuff.

But where do you find the time? If you haven't already noticed, the commute doesn't really involve much communication. Every individual has their head stuck in their phone. So! It's this wasted time that The Five To Nine newspaper is aiming to utilise.

Between the 22nd - 26th June, some of the UK's leading publications will curate an edition of the newspaper covering culture, music, fashion, design and sport. Expect daily lunchtime workshops and talks from industry greats. You can also contribute to the 'good news' series here. Get involved.