Even though Autobiography wasn't technically a novel, it was still a book, and therefore we are allowed to say things like "Morrissey's next book," or "latest book since Autobiography." But really, it's his first novel, it's called List of the Lost, and fansite True To You posted a statement about it that reads:

"Morrissey's first novel, List of the Lost, will be published by Penguin Books (UK) at the end of September. The book will be issued in softcover/paperback as a New Fiction title, and comes almost two years after Morrissey's very successful Autobiography publication of October 2013. Penguin Books will confirm an on sale date within this coming week. List of the Lost will be available in the UK, Ireland, Australia, India, New Zealand and South Africa."

So there you have it. It's out end of September. That's fast-approaching. Books can be expensive, especially ones by famous people, so start saving now.

Last week Morrissey appeared on Larry King Now for an interview, where he spoke of being groped by airport security staff, battles with depression, dealing with cancer, and his thoughts on Donald Trump. He also performed 'Kiss Me A Lot' live.