It has long been said that music makes the world go around and the world of casinos and gambling is no exception. Music and casinos have a long history and a deep-seated connection. You may not be fully aware of it when you’re knee-deep in an intense game of poker or when you’ve gone all in on one spin of the roulette wheel, but the music is always there and it’s there for a reason.

Music pulls on our heart strings like a puppet master and if you know how to work those strings you can direct the ebb and flow of a player’s emotions without them ever realising it. Next time you walk past the slot banks or make your way through the casino floor, take a moment to stop and really listen to what’s playing in the background and you’ll begin to hear it for yourself. Some games require patience, concentration and stamina – the music playing near those tables will most likely be upbeat but calming; jazz perhaps or lounge music. The music floating past the slot machines is more likely to lean towards sing-along-style pop songs that exude positive vibes and make people happy; happy people tend to overlook their losses and keep spending money.

Rockin’ Themes at Online Casinos

Music has also made its way into the casino games themselves. Slot machines on the casino floor have always featured jingles and sound effects, but online casinos feature slot games that have taken their soundtracks to giddy new heights. Some of the most popular games to be found at online casinos in UK and worldwide are the ones that are actually themed on a specific band. Players can choose from Guns N Roses, Jimi Hendrix, Megadeth and Motorhead to name but a few. These slots feature songs from the band and the band mates themselves. Players can choose the songs that they wish to have playing in the background while they spin the reels and the band mates feature as special symbols that can lead to huge rewards at their favourite online casino.

Players can also choose slots based on Karaoke, Latin American music, house music and rock ‘n roll. Casinos online also feature games that have taken the backing track jingle to a whole new level and that now deliver melodies that take players through the highs and lows of the game on a musical wave.

Trusted review pages like analyse dozens of UK online casinos that feature more music-themed games than you can shake a stick at. These operators usually offer new players a generous welcome bonus to get you started. In some cases, a welcome bonus will include a number of free spins that can be used on any slot game you like. We recommend using the free spins to learn the ropes of your new favourite slot before rockin’ out with some real money bets at your favourite online casinos.

Sing a Song of Vegas

Music has made its way inextricably into casinos and casino games and in return, stories of gambling and gamblers have made their way into a many, many songs. Some of those songs have fallen by the wayside but some have endured long enough to become classics. Kenny Rodgers gave us 'The Gambler' and we will forever be grateful. Sinatra belted out 'Luck Be A lady' and you’re sure to hear that little ditty being quietly sung by any number of hopeful gamblers as they pass through the casino doors.

Lady Gaga’s 'Poker Face' has been adopted by the gambling community as one of their own, although strictly speaking the song isn’t actually about gambling – probably because it’s one of the only gamblingesque songs that aren’t from the country music genre. Dolly Parton gave us 'Kentucky Gambler' and Faith Hill’s 'Let’s Go To Vegas' is another country classic. But the most iconic gambling song ever written, in our humble opinion, is 'Viva Las Vegas'. Thank you for the music, Elvis.

Way Back When

The partnership of music and gambling dates back to the days when gambling dens could be found in the back of saloons. The saloon would inevitably feature a pianist or a small band and they could be heard in the background while gamblers sat at the tables in the den. Prohibition and the emergence of speakeasies brought gambling and music even closer together and this was the era that saw jazz cement its place in the gambling psyche. By the time gambling was legalised in America and the first ostentatious casinos sprang up

in Nevada, music was an integral part of the gambling experience. Las Vegas became more than just a pimped out gambling den, it became home to some of the biggest entertainment venues in the country. Casino bosses were quick to catch on the power of music and soon saw a way to make even more money by using big-name artists to draw in the crowds. Frank Sinatra was one of the first big stars of the day to be lured to the Vegas stage and with him came the Hollywood elite. The era of the rat pack took gambling out of the shadows and on to the world stage.

It wasn’t long before Elvis followed, drawing in a younger, hipper audience and he became synonymous with Vegas for the rest of his life and beyond. Elvis made millions from his Vegas residencies, but the casinos made a whole lot more. Elvis lives on in Las Vegas in so many weird and wonderful ways – from wedding chapels to impersonators – and it’s safe to say that his huge persona and iconic songs are part of what makes up Las Vegas’s beating heart.

The Come Back

For a while after Elvis, it seemed that Las Vegas had lost its edge. While the city still buzzed with drama and excitement, musically it slipped into obscurity. And then Celine Dion came along and lit the place up like a firecracker. Celine Dion took Las Vegas to heady new heights and her popularity has endured thanks to her vocal prowess and songs that seem to transcend time and generations. Brittany Spears was quick to follow, as was Lady Gaga and Elton John. These stellar artists can and are credited with bringing a new lease of life to Vegas and making the gambling venues on the strip bona fide holiday destinations. Nowadays, Las Vegas works as a family holiday destination because it can offer such varied forms of entertainment. And megastars like Dion and Gaga are happy to take up residency there because it’s so much easier than touring.