Verve - A Storm In Heaven (Chris, Guitar)

One of my favourite photographers is Brian Cannon. He shot numerous iconic covers during the 90’s for bands such as Oasis, Suede, Inspiral Carpets and Ash. My favourite album cover by him is A Storm in Heaven by The Verve. I have an emotional attachment to everything about this record due to my late brother Andy playing it constantly before he passed away. The cover just seems to glow and holds so much relevance to the overall feel of the record. I like how the colours are cool but also bold and warming. The figure in the light behind the flames kind of portrays a passage as if in between life and death. It’s such a striking and powerful image and the band must have been absolutely buzzing when Brian presented it to them.

Ride - Play EP (Greg, Guitar)

I love daffodils - they're cheap, cheerful and when they arrive in the shops you know winter's on it's way out. This was the second E.P from Ride in 1990. Simple, bold and pretty, all their early EP's looked really great together as a set - I think that's important with cover art, to have a clear and recurring theme. When I first discovered them it made me want to collect them all even more, like football stickers or pogs.

Flower's on covers feel overdone now but there's an early Ride interview online (they all look about 12) and they're discussing comparisons with The Smiths in their use of flowers. Mark Gardener makes the quite childlike point, that 'Flowers are everybody's (sic)' and I quite like that. It's true, Daffodils are only a quid a bunch and they would make anyone's day a little brighter. We've never used them in our art though because it's a little too on the nose isn't it?

Midori Takada - Through The Looking Glass (Sophia, Vocals)

I've always had a tricky time picking favourites, and never even chose a favourite teddy because I didn’t want the others to feel left out. But Midori Takada's Through the Looking Glass caught my eye the first time I saw it. The image shows me a woman at ease with nature, her imagination and her self. Midori's sounds on the record animate the cover's world in my mind, like Mr Henri Rousseau’s Dream. She recorded it all solo, over two days on reel-to-reel tape, and brought together some instruments that she'd played as a child. I mostly listen to it when I’m in the need of a little horizontal escapism, and it never fails to draw my hectic mind into a state of natural calm. The cover offers a perfect window into what I imagine this recording process might have been like for her. Where she went in, and where she came out.

Echo & The Bunnymen - Porcupine (Sam, Bass)

I love all of the artwork on the first four Bunnymen records, but Porcupine is my favourite of the lot (but probably my least favourite out of the four musically - still, it's a bloody great record!)

The image was taken at Gullfoss waterfall near Rejkavic in Iceland by Brian Griffin and captures the feel of the band and the record perfectly in my opinion. The frozen waterfall in itself looks incredible, and the band look kind of uncomfortable, absolutely freezing (of course) but still cool as they're on some sort of mission.

They filmed a bunch of music videos for the record while they were there, and different images from the same trip were used as promo pics for the campaign and covers for all of the singles. I love the idea of that uniform look kind of defining a certain era for the band, and it all stemming from what was apparently a pretty bleak and dangerous trip.

Jeff Wayne - Jeff Wayne's Musical Version Of The War Of The Worlds (Zeb, Drums)

Doesn't it make your sweat run cold just looking on, powerless to assist as HMS Thunder Child's ironclad hull is incinerated, crumbling before the inconceivable power of the martian heat-ray; the tripod towering over England's military might as a child with a magnifying glass to mere ants, as the helpless steamer can only watch on, aghast, at their only hope at salvation's inevitable demise, as mother nature's waves may crash against man's sea-conquering leviathans, nothing to the colossal invader's mechanical legs however; all of which is eternally frozen in this moment, replicated to relive time upon time again, on this album cover, in your hands?


Night Flowers' debut album, Wild Notion, is out on April 13th via Dirty Bingo Records. Watch the video for 'Cruel Wind below.