One of the most popular games to play at a casino has always been the slot machine. Whether that’s because it requires no special skills and knowledge, or because it’s just a fun game of luck is uncertain, but this fact remains the same.

Everyone loves a bit of gambling now and then, and online casinos have been on the rise since the ‘90s when the first companies started making money from basic online poker games. The online gambling market has reached $45.8 billion in the US alone in 2017, and the industry is continuing to grow globally.

Now, with more and more brick and mortar casinos shutting down, and online casinos starting up, online slots are becoming the overall preferred game to play, so let’s divulge into the reasoning behind this.

The Decline of Traditional Slots

Traditional slot machines have had a lot of ups and downs, being made illegal in California in 1911, being brought back by 1912, frowned upon by religious lobbyists, and more.

Many people view them as rigged systems that are designed solely to bring revenue to big casinos. And with millennials focused on transparency becoming more influential and getting bigger spending power, traditional slot machines are seeing a huge decline in popularity.

This isn’t to say that millennials are doing something wrong, they’re simply causing a slot machine evolution that’s bound to make the players’ experience even better than before. New generations interested in online gambling are forcing the industry to become more honest, transparent, and convenient. They’re looking for slots online that can meet those expectations.

New Generation of Online Gambling

With the new generations’ rising interest in all online games, from esports to fantasy video games, online casinos have created a new generation of online gambling to suit the players’ needs.

This new generation of online gambling is focusing more on user enjoyment, creating better customer engagement and offering more video-game-like experiences and bigger rewards.

While traditional slot machines gave very few winning options, requiring you to match the three reels in the middle row in order to win, with modern games, such as Codere online slots, you have much bigger chances of winning.

Most online slots have 5 spinning reels, and numerous paylines, allowing you to get the winning streak not just in the middle row, but in the top or bottom, diagonally, or even in zigzag.

Online Slot Technology

Today’s online slots are not pre-programmed to give you certain results. Every online slot game has a computer component referred to as the Random Number Generator (RNG).

This technology allows the slots to always produce a random series of numbers or symbols as you see them, and always give a completely random result.

The slots have no memory and no knowledge of whether you’ve won or lost. You could be playing all day without any wins, or you could have multiple wins in a row, it’s all completely random.

The RNG technology allows you to safely play all online slots without worrying whether the system’s been rigged because it couldn’t have been. Certified RNGs have been thoroughly tested, making it impossible for the outcomes to be manipulated.

Online Slots Growth Statistics

About 48% of casino visitors play slots, and this translates into online casinos as well. As mentioned, it’s still one of the most popular games.

With online slots having a much wider variety, more winning opportunities, and an overall more attractive design, more and more people are becoming interested in them.

This growth in online slots and games you can play on your phone has seen some amazing wins. Online slots can create an astonishing opportunity to win a lot of money with progressive jackpots.

In the past few years, there’s been a number of players who’ve won prizes between $5-7 million, making online slots more appealing to many.

While this is still a game of luck, those interested in playing online slots can follow a few simple tips to improve their odds of winning.

New Technology, New Tricks

Blockchain has become the buzzword of 2019. Blockchain technology is behind the success of cryptocurrency, and it’s implemented in many online casinos.

With the use of this technology, players can rest easy knowing they’re completely anonymous and their personal data is completely private and secure.

There’s no need for intermediaries such as banks when it comes to making transactions, you can make them very easily on the casino’s platform, so no one can steal your credit card information or other valuable data.

Blockchain forces transparency and honesty, so playing games at casinos that use this technology will be completely fair and free of any scams or manipulations.

All in all, casinos get their biggest revenue from online slots, and players get the biggest rewards from them, making them the future of all casinos.