One of London's most central, shopping-oriented streets is becoming a pedestrian-only zone: the mayor of the city, Sadiq Kahn, has unveiled plans for restricting traffic on Oxford Street by the end of 2018 and gradually turning it into a pedestrianised zone.

"Oxford Street is world famous with millions of visitors every year, and in just over a year the iconic part of the street west of Oxford Circus could be transformed into a traffic-free pedestrian boulevard," Kahn says in a statement, adding that "this is a hugely exciting moment for the capital."

It is estimated that a grand total of 500,000 people walk through Oxford Street every day, and the proposal aims to reinforce their security and walking area by re-routing buses and implementing cycle roads parallel to the street. Of course that the budget to be spent could probably be more helpful in fighting gentrification in the city by building social housing in zones 1 and 2, but hey, it is what it is.