Earlier this year, Beyoncé froze time and space when she posted her stunning pregnancy photo shoot to announce that she was expecting twins. The flower-laid photos were shot by 28-year-old Awol Erizku who gained worldwide acclaim for the viral shot which is now the most liked photo on Instagram.

Now, Awol is on to his next project which happens to be an art exhibit in London which is also an anti-Trump protest titled 'Make America Great Again.' The exhibit opens on April 20 at the Ben Brown Fine Artts centre.

The walls are black and Awol uses the symbol of the basketball to represent the black male. Take a look at some pieces below.

 photo 7f2470ace4fbde2ddccb69951ec8eb8fj_zpstefk0n6g.jpg

 photo c557af20fb394b1f73678622b1b03b44j_zpsly7mnver.jpg

 photo d5e03347495fc2fa01865f2c03ef469dj_zpszybsyjtl.jpg