It is difficult to see a connection between horticultural tradition and hip-hop subculture, yet in the photographs of the Central Saint Martins graduate Paul Hutchinson, a poetic narrative between these two is formed.

Ambiguous, voyeuristic and surreal are just three words to capture the obscure essence of Hutchinson's series titled B-Boys, Fly Girls and Horticulture. In his interview with 1 Granary, Hutchinson notes that his initial inspiration rose from his personal experiences of being a part of the hip-hop scene of Berlin in the '90s.

In many ways, his photographs depict a journey of finding one's self yet they're distanced from the clichéd idea of soul searching. Both documentative and surreal, Hutchinson's work is an eclectic mixture of photographic poetry and informative style that echoes the pictorial language of the likes of Martin Parr. He captures his subjects surrounded by a sense of isolation and grief that is emphasised in the enigmatic close-ups that offer a fragmented vision of something that could almost be anything and anyone.

The series feature photographs taken in both Germany and India. Images of the botanical gardens of Bangalore are presented alongside the pictures of the members of the local hip-hop scene to create a paradox between the earthly scenery and the subculture.

Have a look at Hutchinson's work below.

 photo B Boys_Fly Girls_Innen05_0_zpsvforwgbm.jpg  photo B Boys_Fly Girls_Innen01_0_zpsjynwimoz.jpg  photo B Boys_Fly Girls_Innen08_zpsjiohc7up.jpg  photo PH_B-Boys-Fly-Girls-Horticulture_Page_11_zpsniujhlgp.jpg