"I did a series inspired by Boy Beauty and the infamous Beauty industry which is ever changing and always setting a new norm for society to go by. In this series, I took away the angelic highlights and chiselling contours and swapped it out for more of a rambunctious look. I wanted to highlight the beauty of a boy and what attracts us to them.

"The slight look of danger and adventure that sparks your interest. I did that by styling my muses in high-end streetwear from HELMUT LANG, Alexander Wang, And Commes Des Garçon to name a few for an editorial tinge and makeup looks that were styled as if he took no times to apply it and just smeared it before leaving out to hit the streets. Normalizing boys in makeup and boy beauty is what I want to push into the mainstream. The fast-paced beauty industry maybe forever changing but true Beauty is universal and that's something that will remain the same."