The Rio 2016 Olympic Games couldn't have come a better time. It's not that the world needed an excuse to unite under one roof but the 2016 Games have come with a reminder of what shared humanity means during a time when headlines would try and have us believe it isn't possible.

While we wave our flags, belt our country's anthems and scream at our TV screens, cheering on our own national team's most dynamic athletes with the hopes of making it to the Olympic Games podium this summer, Samsung has offered an Olympic Games anthem the whole world can sing. And it makes you think, we should have had an internationally identified song all along.

Inspired by bits of national anthems from several countries from all over the planet, 'The Anthem' is a catchy sonnet, driving its message of unity home by enlisting six global athletes from Great Britain, the U.S, France, Australia, South Sudan and Brazil with the hopes of breaking down geographical borders. The anthem of Malaysia is proudly sung by a woman in Paris, while New Zealand's lines are shared throughout England. The athletic heroes also take along the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge to record the full Olympic experience.

"The Anthem' is a reflection of the Samsung brand and our continuous pursuit to break down geographic barriers and unite the world through technology and borderless communication," said Younghee Lee, Executive Vice President of Global Marketing, Mobile Communications Business at Samsung Electronics. "By singing one anthem, fans and athletes across the globe can feel a shared sense of pride and unity and together celebrate collective progress, which is integral to the spirit of the Olympic Games."

Watch Samsung's full globe-trotting Olympic-inspired video below and think about the message when you tune into the Games.