First there was Dismaland. Now there will be Summerland, a tropical paradise set to be built at a secret location somewhere in London, courtesy of Deborah Armstrong, one of the founders of Shangri-La at Glastonbury.

If you were thinking, "hey, London already has a tropical paradise!" the Barbican's conservatory doesn't count. This is a real, albeit artificial, tropical paradise. Checking in your phones, wallets and winter clothes at the teleporter-style entrance, the space - a jungle setting complete with 40ft waterfall, lagoon, areas for chilling, rock walls and hot tubs - would act as a family-oriented destination in the daytime, opening up at night for shows and DJ sets. Even the sky (the ceiling) is catered for: perfect sunny skies video-mapped in high definition give way to starlit nights thanks to a 1.5 million lumen light projection system.

The ambitious and exciting venture is being realised through crowdfunding platform Seedr. Minimum offerings begin at £10, and Founding Club members (i.e. those who give money) will get value-dependent perks when/if Summerland opens; they're looking for £850,000, so dig deep.

Visit Summerland's Seedr page here, and see below for a CGI "Walkthrough," showing off Summerland's features, including jungle landscaping filled with cozy nooks and viewing platforms, as well as the swimming lagoon and its waterfall.