"The music takes over and I become a part of it," London dance teacher Chris Fonseca says in the second chapter of Smirnoff's 'We're Open' campaign. It's a relatable testimonial, considering we've all been there - either at a show or with headphones on - consumed by our tunes. But what makes Chris exceptional is that as a deaf dancer, his resiliency has urged him to embrace his situation, and he's become a major role model for the deaf community as well as a perfect candidate to be showcased in Smirnoff's latest series on inclusivity.

"It's very rare for deaf people to talk about music," Chris says in the behind the scenes clip as he preps for his collaboration with the incredible Plague dance crew on Donae'O's 'Mami No Like' video. "I feel the music through vibrations." His moves are fluid yet powerful as he shows his collaborators that there's more to enjoying music than hearing it. Through this stunning music video (and it really is quite stunning), Fonseca's dreams of inclusivity are becoming a reality, and that's something we can all get behind.

Watch Chris open up in his BTS journey as he joins forces with a gang of passionate dancers in the making of Donae'O's latest video 'Mami No Like,' in collaboration with Smirnoff's 'We're Open' campaign.