DAMN, Kendrick.

Kendrick Lamar A collector’s edition of Kendrick's most recent album, DAMN., has been announced, with the unique selling point being that the tracklist will be reversed - something the rapper commented on back in August: “You listen from the back end, and it’s almost the duality and the contrast of the intricate Kendrick Lamar. Both of these pieces are who I am.” It's also set to feature new artwork. Unfortunately, we have no details regarding price or a release date to share with you.


Solange drops new merch

Solange In celebration of her recent Cosmic Journey concert, the masterful Solange has released a collection of limited-edition merchandise, ranging from sweatshirts to tote bags. You have until the end of Mercury retrograde on December 22nd to pick something up. Head here for more information.


Rankin x Coco der Mer (NSFW)

According to Coco der Mer, the classic '12 Days of Christmas' carol features vibrators and handcuffs. The lingerie brand's festive film was shot by Rankin and his agency The Full Service, and is 100% NSFW. And just like that, "a partridge in a pear tree" takes on an entirely new meaning.


Kanye West sued for unpaid wages

Kanye West According to reports, Yeezy is currently getting sued for unpaid wageezys (sorry). The complaint - filed by Derya Gulseven, who West hired to help source manufacturers in Istanbul for his clothing label - suggests that Gulseven wasn't paid the 7% commission ($87,000) of the $1.25 million order she helped broker for YEEZY Season 2. It doesn't stop there. Gulseven also claims that her commission for YEEZY Season 3 was cut from $170'000 to $77,246 and that she's yet to receive payment from YEEZY Season 4. No comment has been made from West on the situation.


And finally... this excellent song

Mia Gladstone's latest track - 'Hold It Down' - is a curious blend of sounds, with elements of pop, R&B, and floaty beach vibes working together beautifully. I was going to suggest this came at the wrong time of the year, but perhaps it's an ode to Hawaiian Christmas? Can't wait to hear more from her.