It's highly unlikely that whenever people play their favourite online slot games, they pay any sort of attention to the technology powering them. However, technology has indeed played a very crucial role in evolving the online slots to where they are today. Slot machines first came into existence during the 1890s, and their technology remained unchanged for close to 100 years. The graphics were simple, themes were lesser and things didn’t change much in all that time.

However, the online slots you get to play today are a lot different from the 1890s era. Most of them feature 5-7 reels, at least 20 pay lines and phenomenal graphics. These games are themed around subjects that appeal to the players. Let’s now go over some of the important technologies which have made these games possible today.

Software programs

While designing the images and symbols of an online slot game constitutes only one part of the overall technology, making them enjoyable for the players requires another level of coding altogether. All online slot games feature something known as a Random Number Generator at their core. The RNG is programmed to make sure that the game stays fair and the winners are decided randomly. While at one point of time players didn’t have a very good chance of winning at online slots, nowadays, it’s not impossible to win 10 times of what you start playing with, inside one single session!

Animation and Design

The new-age online slots are all built with cutting-edge digital art and animation techniques. You can see developers employing special software meant specifically for modelling images and videos that go into the creation of slot symbols. Effective use of 3D animation technology has resulted in taking the game design to a whole new level. Implementation of game designs, landscapes and animations is much easier today and has improved a lot as well.

Online security

The profitability of online slot games is determined by how good their random number generators are. However, it’s not impossible for RNGs to also get hacked, and such incidents have in fact set back land-based casinos by millions of dollars on certain occasions. For instance, a Russian hacker once managed to find his way inside the slot machines of a casino and manipulated their RNGs to swipe close to $ 21,000 in 2 days. He primarily targeted land-based casinos and used a cell phone for executing his plans. Online casinos haven’t had any such major accidents, owing to their several different variables. The security of online platforms is also comparatively much tighter than their brick-and-mortar counterparts.


One look at a quality online casino and you can instantly know how good or bad is the technology behind it. The good ones are normally powered by fairly impressive and advanced technology. Their websites are created using multiple coding languages, including HTML, CSS, JavaScript etc. On the other hand, mobile gaming technology makes sure that you are able to enjoy a quality casino experience on your tablet PCs and smartphones. Furthermore, live streaming technology enables people to enjoy casino games in a very realistic environment, in front of an actual dealer, without even leaving their homes!