Over the course of the day, our tasks, clothing, and overall outlook will all change, so why not our watch as well? Attending a business meeting in the morning, a few hours spent getting in shape at the gym, and then partying in the city with your friends at night: these all require the right watch to help you look and feel the part.

The morning

Let’s say you’re a freelancer and you’ve got the chance to chat with a potential client about an upcoming project. Unless you don’t take the job that seriously, you’re going to dress in smart clothing and radiate the vibes that you’re professional and trustworthy. When it comes to luxury watches, it can be pretty hard to narrow it down to one option, but if you like the idea of standing out of the crowd and not being so mainstream, then don’t go Swiss, instead, choose a Seiko from Japan. These watches are sleek, modern, and clearly well crafted to the point of being art. Try finding one a bit more affordable by looking at Chrono24 and avoiding the expensive boutique stores.

The afternoon

After crushing the business meeting, you’ll probably feel like letting off a bit of steam at your local gym. The Apple Watch is widely known as an incredible smartwatch with all the bells and whistles you could ever hope for, but if all those apps really don’t mean anything to you, then go basic with a Fitbit. The Charge 3 model, especially, is at a way better price than the Apple Watch and has everything you really want in a smartwatch: heart rate tracker, step counter, calories burned, and water resistance up to 50 meters, which means you can wear it in the pool and shower. The design is pretty cool and cutting edge, too, and not as chunky as the Apple Watch.

The evening

Finally, you can let your hair down and party into the night after your hard day. It’s time for a watch that is a bit more bold, daring, and even a bit rock ‘n’ roll. Nothing says rock like Metallica, and clearly Nixon agrees, as the two collaborated on a range of awesome-looking wristwatches inspired by the heavy metal band. The designs scream fun and excitement, especially the ‘Ride the Lightning’ model, with an electric blue watch face and a lightning bolt representing the second hand. Even if you’re not such a fan of Metallica, Nixon has many other diverse and edgy designs that are a far cry from the Swiss watches made by Rolex or Omega.