We could sit here staring. We could gaze deeply into the computer screen's pixels in a sporadic attempt to make sense of the symbolism and meaning behind the work. Half-educated guesses could evolve into daydreams over the method behind the madness and how long it took to piece together the art before us. We could assume all of these things just by looking. Or we could ask.

First up in our new series is the talented Andrea Resner, who dug deep with her answers.

'broken horse'

The thickness of the material started cracking under the burst of metaphysical transformation. To let the fluid transcendental energy flow, allowing light to shine upon all life. This ceramic horse, made of clay and permanently hardened by heat, held inside the space dust. It was no longer meant to be a secret.

'hommage to home age'

It was time to finally leave our childhood behind, to break out of all wombs. The houses, the temples, all the safe places began melting down. Flying pegasi and running horses helped unravel stable columns of dreams, illusions, hopes, fairy tales and cartoons, which supported the grey-walled wonderland of cheap magic. The Body is a temple, and it was time for it to become a flourishing female rather than a frightened child dazed by white, pink and green glitter. All these farewell parties and the celebration of a new uprising era was accompanied by a hymn of gratefulness to the safe and comforting home the mother had provided.

'peacock house'

A frustrated child may want to demolish all the ties holding it back, and it may be covered in shame for having such needs, but a peacock flies down to remind us that rebirth is as much about destruction than it is creation. Seeds break through a solid ground, a baby comes out of its mother's womb. To face the need to tear down the holdbacks, the need to break free. To face the need for being destructive in order to leave that need behind and look into the bright light; the light of pure creation and joy.

'tamed by virgin'

It's a magical place by the old abandoned kart circuit where topiary trees and bushes can be found. That was a place where a virgin found her first unicorn. Unicorns are wild and can only be tamed by pure white virgins. It takes patience, courage and love to find one in a misty wilderness.

'bride outside'

She is the same white virgin. She is stuck in the middle space and time between a girl at her first Communion and a young woman ready to be a bride. She is the same one whose body is ready to flourish into a beautiful garden. Not a secret garden, but a welcoming one, open for all the sensitive ones to come and rejoice with plants and animals.

'mother nature spa'

Than the whales came, along with the dolphins, surfing inside the waves of dreams. They came as a balm. A balm to be poured into wounded bosoms. They are the angelic creatures, messengers of gentleness and tranquility. Guardians of the damaged and the wandering. Dyed in colours of the rainbow they announce bliss after the most silent storm.

'peacock hill'

In the middle of my hometown there is a hill where the peacocks live. They wander around streets and gardens and houses. Even when they sing their majestic song they live under a veil of silence and mystery. They are the resurrection, the renewal, the immortality. The direct perception and knowledge of God.

'fire fly'

This drawing of a bird made of fire was a present for my sweetheart. Peace dove flying its glorious flight. Mighty phoenix rising up from the dust to bring more heat to the hearts that were sleeping during winter time. A self-fulfilling prophecy.

'sogni d'oro'

Golden dreams of a young girl with a fever. She lays in the ditch while the wild horses, that come in all sizes, run over her, over and over again. It's a dream that lasts forever. It's a dream that brings the sweat. But with the sweat the mud comes out, and the crystal clean water sprinkles again from the spring.

dream whale'

At the island of Brač, where my paradise lives, where I came to life, the sheep live as well. In the autumn time their wool is left scattered across the woods and fields. This whale was made out of that abandoned wool. Then I fell asleep on it to dream about forgiveness. We sailed away across all land and sea, and all this happened under a giant stone kiss of a turtle and a boar.