It may seem an alien concept but it’s worth remembering: The silent screams of our unnamed ancestors were trampled into the mud in the hope that we wouldn’t be quiet, that we would be heard, that we would participate.

Your voice is powerful if you use it. Typing fuck the tories doesn’t stop them from fucking you, voting does. Memes alone aren’t enough. You have to vote. You have to register to vote: You’ll need your national insurance number (help) and if you don’t have a permanent address you’ll need to click here.

It’ll take 3 minutes to register to vote. It'll take less than that to put a cross in a box on June 8th.

"The issue is … whether we want to live in a free society or whether we want to live under what amounts to a form of self-imposed totalitarianism, with the bewildered herd marginalized, directed elsewhere, terrified, screaming patriotic slogans, fearing for their lives and admiring with awe the leader who saved them from destruction, while the educated masses goose-step on command and repeat the slogans they’re supposed to repeat and the society deteriorates at home… Those are the choices. That’s the choice that you have to face. The answer to those questions is very much in the hands of people like you and me" - Noam Chomsky

Register to vote.

If you need more reasons why you should register to vote, head here