After a life spent moving from Canada to Germany, New York to Copenhagen, it's no surprise that photographer Angela Blumen's images reflect the meeting of several different worlds. In her work, hazy landscapes meet architectural urbanity - united by a youthful, smudged around the edges quality.

We spoke to the 27-year-old photographer about her influences and what it's like to be an artist living in Copenhagen.


Who are you and what do you do?

I'm Angela a photographer based in Copenhagen, but I had a rather nomadic childhood and have lived all over. In my late teens I took up photography, and now as well as that, I run an indie magazine called Sucre Paper - I also work a bit as a graphic designer.

Angela Blumen

How did you get started in photography?

I've always enjoyed taking pictures but about a year and a half ago was when I started doing it in a more organised, professional way. In the beginning, I did mostly analog photography, but now a big part of what I do is digital. Since moving to Copenhagen I've met amazing people in the fashion industry who I've been able to work with on projects and last year I was featured on Urban Outfitters.

Angela Blumen

How would you describe your style?

My style is still developing - but I'd say maybe soft, feminine and blissful go well with what I would like to convey.

Angela Blumen

Who/what inspires you?

Good weather and good vibes! Soft shapes and pastel colours, the sea - and the internet!

What's is it like to be an artist in Copenhagen?

I'm still figuring it out what it means to be an artist here. I think once you're in the system you get a lot of help from different places where you can get funding for your projects. It's a rather small city though, and I have the feeling that full time working artists/creatives have most of their clients outside of the country.

Angela Blumen

What's your favourite thing to do/place to go in Copenhagen?

The sea! It's so close. Otherwise, I really enjoy the small cafés, and the food market.

When looking for things to shoot, what do you look for?

Good light - preferably natural, and soft.

Angela Blumen

What camera do you use?

Very basic Canon 550D, and a Nikon I've inherited for film.

You can view more of Angela's work by heading here.