Our Behind The Creative works on two levels: firstly, you get to discover a creative we're buying stock in, and secondly, you get to peek through the window of all their loves and influences. From filmmakers and dancers to writers and actors - we're looking to shine a light on the people that make this messed up journey worthwhile.

The latest inductee into our Behind The Creative series is Manchester-based photographer, artist, and "constant explorer of sexuality and fascination," Heather Glazzard. Whether it's her collaborative work with the likes of Lovehoney and Armour in Heaven, or her groundbreaking portraits and solo work, Heather is an artist that continues to astound us.

Check out our mini-interview with Heather below, then head over to her official site to lose yourself in some remarkable photography.


What's your favourite album of all time and why?

Behind The Creative: Photographer and artist Heather GlazzardThe rise and fall of Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders from Mars by David Bowie, I feel like this was one of the best albums he did. It makes me happy.

What's your favourite film of all time and why?

Behind The Creative: Photographer and artist Heather GlazzardI'm torn between two. Billy Elliot, it's a film set in Britain in the '80s around the miners' strike, it's a pretty raw film and shows a boy not sticking to traditional norms, coming from a poor family and doing what he loved anyway regardless of money or gender. I also love My Summer of Love, it's based where I grew up so it has a beautiful scenic aspect along with two girls having 'fun' in the summer - it's also pretty raw. It felt like a film I could relate to because they were exploring their sexuality in Halifax.

What's your go-to piece of clothing and what makes it so important to you?

I love my boiler suit, I screen printed the future is queer all over it.

What's your favourite book of all time and why?

Behind The Creative: Photographer and artist Heather GlazzardI've not read too many books. I liked the Hunger Games because I couldn't put it down. Mainly because it shows rebellion through a government controlled society.

What's your most essential gadget?

Behind The Creative: Photographer and artist Heather GlazzardMy cameras, Mamiya 645 mainly.

Lastly, name some people you think we should be keeping an eye out for!

Behind The Creative: Photographer and artist Heather GlazzardClara Cicely is an amazing queer designer who creates clothes that look like Ziggy Stardust, a punk from the '70s and Clara all hung out in a room together for a few days. Sofie K is also an amazing DJ who promotes women and their place in the industry, she's an NTS radio resident DJ, who I think is someone to really watch for in that scene I've never really seen anyone work as hard as she does to be part of an industry that is very male-dominated.

Sam Lindblad - he's a musician that blurs gender lines, his music is a mix of dance, orchestral sounds with his gorgeous voice all in one. And Paul Collins - an amazing knitwear designer.

Be sure to head over to Heather's official website to view some of her work.