How would you describe yourself in five words?

Curious, creative, giving, steadfast, genuine.

What's the most challenging piece you've ever created?

Each piece is challenging in its own way, I don't know that I could compare them. They come out when they want. The process is always challenging, it's always a moment of growth and becoming.

Lior Allay

Photography by Lior Allay

If you were in a band, what kind of music would you play?

I aspire to be in something bluesy but with soul, a kickass drummer and guitar with twang.

When was the last time you tried something new?

Today, I went for a run without headphones. Just soaked in the quiet.

What's the most provocative piece you've ever created?

Probably my vulva study. It involved roses and the implication of penetration.

Lior Allay

Photography by Lior Allay

If a movie was made about your life, what actor/actress would play you and what would the film be called?

If we could go back in time I'd like Anaïs Nin to be the actress, call it Delta of Venus after the first erotic novel of hers I ever read. Changed my damn life.

What are the top two compliments you hear from people about yourself?

That I have a nice unibrow and weird taste in clothes. Weird as in the good sort, though. Eclectic.

What inspires you?

Human connection. Uncertainty. The plasticity of identity. Trust. Wide open spaces. Vulnerability. The body as a doorway. The paradigm shifting. The magic of collaboration.

Lior Allay

Photography by Lior Allay

What is your most valuable skill?

The ability to listen and understand.

What's the best piece you've ever created?

I tend to feel like whatever I created most recently is the best piece I've ever made and everything that came before it is shit. It's a cycle.

Any advice for new artists?

To become an artist is to participate in a lineage of creators. You will feel compelled to imitate those who inspire you. When you do, credit them. Don't pretend to have these ideas all on your own. Everything is a remix. Everything has been said and done already. Make it a conversation. Show people the family tree behind your evolution. Be honest. You will find your own voice sooner this way.

Lior Allay

Photography by Lior Allay

What is a movie moment that completely transformed you?

I admit I'm not much into movies as much as I am into books in terms of life-altering moments but the death scene in Reservoir Dogs has stuck with me to this day.

What do you consider to be the highlight of your life?

I think I am surprised at the ability for highlights to come continuously like cresting waves of time. It paints a nice image, I like to think about it that way.

What makes you smile?

Touch by eye contact with strangers you'll never speak to. Birdsong at sunrise. Petting animals. Playing with bugs. Horses running. Wind in high places.

Lastly, what are you currently working on?

I'm currently exploring the eroticism of movement and the connection between sexuality and spirituality.


You can view more of Lior Allay's work by visiting her over on Tumblr and Ello.