Monterrey, Mexico-based photographer and all-around visionary Mariana Garcia is the latest artist to take our Explain Yourself challenge - picking five pieces from her extensive portfolio, and discussing the inspirations and stories behind them.

"This photo if from a recent campaign I did for a Mexican brand of dresses, Regina Mier," writes Mariana regarding the photo you can see above. "Regina is a stylist I've been working with for a while. Now was time for her to do her own project. We did this shoot at her in-laws' house, an awesome place with many different spots. Also, as you can see, there was an awesome yellow Jeep. Obviously, this great prop was very useful. I tried to make this project timeless - giving life to this brand in a different way, with elegance."

"These images were taken for my annual book. I was actually going to a music festival in Mexico City with my husband and some friends. We stayed at an Airbnb apt. and organised to do the shoot there. I met Sofia that morning - she's from Argentina and we immediately started working very smoothly. The place had a great natural light and she was very accurate with the mood board I did. We worked for 3 hours, simple, quick and smooth."

"This image is one of my favourites of all times. Besides, this girl is my sister, so it's the perfect shoot. I constantly take pictures of her but this in particular was a very intimate and super quick shoot we did in 30 minutes. We were at a wedding in Merida, Mexico (her friend's wedding) - and I was there as the wedding photographer. The day before the wedding, we went to this amazing cenote and after, everybody was out eating lunch, we got back down and make some quick shots. This of course was with natural light. This series, and in particular this photo, was exhibited at several art shows last year."

"This last image was taken in Isla Blanca in Cancun, Mexico. I was there taking some days off with my best friend Yolanda, who lives in Cancun. We went for some delicious seafood to do a picnic on the beach of Isla Blanca. After spending hours there, we drove to some great spots and took pictures with our digital and film cameras. This was the last picture I took as it was getting dark; a great closing shot for an amazing day with one of my favourite people."