We truly live in a golden age of not just information, but entertainment. Our generation takes a lot for granted. For example, never before have we been able to instantly access our favorite music, tv shows, and movies for free or a fixed price. The new on-demand entertainment industry is a true luxury.

The Music Entertainment Machine

If you don't want to fuss with continually keeping up with the hottest new music, what you need is an all-in-one package. Audials Tunebite 2017 Premium is that package.

With the premium package, you can record music streams, play and manage music and your cloud, record audio books from Spotify and Deezer at double speed and get music files in music shop quality with ID3 tags, lyrics and the album covers that will be automatically added by the software.

Stay on top and in tune with Audials Tunebite Premium or upgrade to the platinum version that allows you additionally to record movies, tv shows, video clips from video streaming services like Amazon Video, Netflix, Hulu and so forth!

Don't Miss a Beat

Many well-known artist first present their new albums and singles on streaming services. If you have a subscription to a music streaming service, you can instantly save your favorite songs with the Audials software and listen to them on any device, such as a PC, smartphone, tablet, or game console. With an additional software to record tracks, you can pick up the best of a subscription, without bearing the disadvantages. If you use streaming services as free version, software solutions for recording songs also have an advantage. The advertising is cut out thanks to automatic song separation.

Keeping Track

With the large number of new songs that appear, it never gets boring. There are also numerous freeware manufacturers who offer software for recording streaming. However, since the services regularly make technological changes, a recording software must also adapt to the changes. As Audials maintains a team of software engineers who are constantly concerned about adapting and further developing the software, it is worthwhile to use a paid software.

The free demo version of Audials Tunebite Premium gives you an insight into the world of Audials. Try it now!