With all the madness going on around us it is so easy to fall into dystopia and develop unhealthy mental patterns that can halt your initiatives and creative processes. The key to the continued path of excellence is prioritising self-care. Whether it's spending a night in at home alone, taking a personal day from work, or simply just turning off your cell phone you have to do what you got to do to take care of you. Here are some ways for you to relax and put yourself first:

Spend time alone and in your space

A major way to unwind and disassociate from the crazy is to be with yourself in a comfortable familiar space. Take the time to be in communication with your needs, meditate on all the good surrounding you and deviate from demands you have placed on yourself as well as any obsession with planning what comes next. Light some sage and just be present in your place of peace.


Work on your artistic endeavors

For creative individuals or those looking to get more into experimental ways to express themselves in a visionary way can use personal time for all of that. Take time out to play with your most colourful ideas in things like music, art, poetry, hell maybe even science. Creativity can create hope and even give you a reason to push through any darkness you may experience in life.



Rest is so important for a lot of reasons. It helps you to hold onto youth, it makes you less cranky, but most importantly it just feels damn good! Sleeping can cure so many ailments when done properly and it is such an underrated form of therapy with notions such as success means you lack sleep. Get your eight hours and watch how everything improves.


Explore new aesthetics for yourself

Take some time to play dress up. Put together outfits, play in your make-up, and try a new hairstyle. One way to keep your self-confidence up is to see how multi-dimensional you are as a being and explore new style opportunities for yourself. With this, you can truly discover how great you are as well as generate a new glow.