The importance of music in all forms of digital gaming is something that has evolved over time. Do you remember years ago when playing old-fashioned computer games, that the music was often basic, tinny, and “plinky”? I do. I remember the irritating and repetitive sounds and I also remember often turning down the volume to avoid getting the annoying ditty stuck in my head! Thankfully, those days of poor soundtracks and bad quality sound effects are long behind us. Game soundtracks and accompanying music is well thought out, carefully selected, and artfully produced. Whether you are playing online slots at a great online casino, or playing the latest computer game, the music that accompanies it is no longer a chore to listen to.

Music in the world of online casinos

Let us take the example of popular online slots games like the ones you will find on online casino 888casino. In the last few years, what was once a type of game typically enjoyed by the older generation, slots have become a steadfast favourite in the online digital gambling sphere. Now intrepid players can choose from slots that are inspired by films, TV shows, and characters and they have the soundtrack to match. One can also choose to play 50s themed slots, steampunk themed slots, and Las Vegas themed slots- all with accompanying soundtracks appropriate to the topic. Players can listen to old favourites such as Elvis, Frank Sinatra, and MJ whilst they play which is a far, far cry from the basic beeps of the past.

Digital game soundtracks making waves off the screen.

In terms of other types of digital games, the selection of great music to accompany them gets even more varied. No more synthesised chiptunes here my friend, oh no, nowadays game companies enlist the help of world famous movie soundtrack composers such as Trent Reznor, Hans Zimmer, and Harry Gregson-Williams. The popularity of these games combined with the famous names composing the soundtracks has led to videogame scores being performed live, recorded and sold- a far cry from the dulcet tones of the early Nintendo games!

One of the most iconic games of the last 20 years was Tony Hawks, a game that is just as famous for its music as it is for its gameplay. Including an eclectic mix of underground hip-hop, classic metal, and punk rock, it helped set the tone of the game, and inspired a generation of budding skateboarders and gamers. It also allowed these artists access to an audience that may have never discovered them otherwise.

What about now?

Today, the music used on both gambling games, and traditional video/digital games falls into two categories. There is the type that is created just for the game- original scores by an artist that is commissioned just for use on that particular game. There is also the type that I mentioned when I spoke about Tony Hawks, songs from a variety of artists that are license for use within that particular game. These songs are not original to the game and instead, the game developer purchases the right to use them. This is also the case with online slots game, if they are using the soundtrack from a particular film, artist, or TV show, the song is licensed to the owner of the game, for that particular use.

What does the future hold?

As time continues to pass and the popularity of both online gambling, and digital games continues to grow, I think we will see more and more instances of original soundtracks becoming popular hits in their own right. I think that the more that the quality of the music produced for these purposes develops, the more people will want to hear that music when they are not engaged in the game.

Who knows, perhaps artists will try to use these types of games as a stepping stone to fame and a way of breaking into the market and guaranteeing an audience for their original compositions. One thing is for sure, the industry is showing no sign of slowing down and for a games company to retain their competitive edge, they must make sure that the music accompanying their product is as high quality as the product itself.