Everything evolves, it seems. We are all living longer, we have crops that can withstand drought and infestation, and cold germs and others have developed superpowers that make them resistant to antibiotics. Onward and upward for all!

We see these changes even in the smaller details in our everyday lives, from the types of products we use to the style of our entertainment and the other things we like. Not sure what we mean? Here are a few perfect examples:

Smoking to Vaping

Once upon a time, even your doctor probably smoked right in your office. There was smoking on airplanes, in hospitals, in offices, and pretty much everywhere else you could think. As we better understand the negative effects of not only smoking but also secondhand smoke, more people started to quit smoking and more public places banned smoking.

People still smoke, and they likely will forever, but they have fewer and fewer places to do it. A lot of people have turned to e-cigarettes to help them quit or to give them their nicotine fix when they are in public. Instead of smoking, they are vaping, and instead of being limited to just tobacco flavor, they have options in e-juice for everything from banana bread to cereal milk. Vaping doesn’t produce any smoke, so people are able to enjoy it just about anywhere they are.

Coffee to Lattes and More

If you wanted to get fancy with your coffee in the past, you added cream or sugar to it. Maybe, if you were feeling really fancy, you added a little liqueur. Then flavored syrups came along, new ways of brewing or pressing coffee, specialty beans, and more.

Now you can’t order a coffee without a bajillion modifiers. Forget it if you want a latte or other coffee drink. Does that come with an extra shot? Whip or no whip? What kind of milk? Extra flavorings?

Coffee retailers have also come up with all kinds of specialty drinks. Starbucks came out with the pumpkin spice latte and started a national phenomenon. Now, people everywhere look forward to the introduction of the drink each season, and other retailers have introduced their own versions. You can even get pumpkin spice ice cream, cakes, and other treats at the grocery store now.

Beer and Cocktails to Designer Drinks

When you go to the bar, you have your choice of literally hundreds of drinks. In the past, you could order a beer, a glass of wine, and some classic cocktails like the martini or the Manhattan. Now, even ordering a beer is complicated. Do you want an ale, a lager, a craft brew, or a specialty flavor that blends hops with soda? Instead of ordering a shot with a beer chaser, you can get them both together.

For cocktails, you have your pick of designer drinks. Today’s bartenders are now “mixologists,” and they all seem to have their own specialty creation. Couples even get their own specialty cocktail for their wedding reception. The sky is the limit when it comes to the designer drinks that are available when you go to a club or a restaurant these days.

Aging Shows

All those shows that you loved as a child are not gone forever. You can watch most of them on streaming services like Netflix or Amazon Prime, or you can download them online. Some have even been given new life with their older cast.

For example, Full House returned last year to Netflix with Fuller House, following the grown-up DJ moving back home. The whole cast returned as their older selves, except for Michelle, who was played by the now mega-famous Olsen twins. Arrested Development also got a new shot on Netflix with all its original cast. Other shows, like Daria, haven’t returned yet, but fans still like to imagine where the characters would be if they were still around.

It’s fun to see how all our favorites are evolving and to think about where they might go next. The Internet has made it possible to connect with such a variety of people to create new ideas, and the crowded marketplace demands that companies move forward to differentiate themselves. It’s an exciting future!