Recently, the Whitney Biennale just launched on the week of St. Patrick’s with their finest displays of artwork from contemporary American artists. While every artist has their name on a piece of paper, it’s a 9 out of 10 probability that the majority of artists displayed in museums are most likely men. Although the fabled American museum has been talked about, another show with a similar agenda has been out and about in the streets of New York.

Inspired by the institution and the late singer, the Whitney Houston Biennale is hosted by Chashama in Manhattan’s SoHo. Presented as an all-female show, the Whitney Houston Biennale is unlike any other art show out there.

Set in a small lobby space at a condominium, photographs, paintings, installations, sculptures and videos span throughout the entire room. Strangely enough, you will stumble upon a vintage wedding dress decorated with paintings and knick knacks hangs in front of a door. In front of it, an altar in the shape of a pyramid is stuffed with burning candles and clusters of rose quartz, amethyst and quartz crystals. Even a Warhol-esque portrait can give you a double take to believe that the late artist rose from his grave to paint it! As the cherry on top, you can find hyper-realistic still lifes to self-portrait photographs whether it be Marzena Abranhamik’s vanitas-esque Jade or Storm Ascher’s 1707, I. Rather than being stuck in a gallery space, it feels like you are stuck in an artist’s studio.

What makes the Whitney Houston Biennale special is that each artist will list out their influences. Rather than a great master, artists will list their professors to their mothers, who inspired them to create the work that is exhibited. Not only does it help us gain a better understanding of the artwork, it makes us want to think more about how and why these figures have shaped the artist’s view to challenge the world.

If you are in New York, this is a show not to be missed.