The birth of online gambling, and online casinos in general, brought with it the ability to play any game you like at any time that is convenient to you, and all without leaving the comfort of your own home. The days of travelling to your local casino or bingo hall are long gone. Also the times of only playing 20 hands of poker an hour because the croupier is slow are a thing of the past. Now, casino players can play as many games as they want at the same time, the only dependent is your stamina and reaction time.

Online casinos have brought with them the revolution of multi-tabling, and as the result the game has been changed. Before the genesis of online nobody could ever have made a living out of playing low stakes games, but now there are a number of people playing on 20 tables at the same time and making a tidy profit in the process. People are quick to consider that multi-tabling is a waste of time as it is impossible to give each table your full attention. While that is obviously the case, it is also worth considering that even playing you're A game on four tables will make you more money than playing your mega A +++ game on just one table.

That is why so many players are turning to multi-tabling. They would prefer to give up a small edge in their decision making and concentration in exchange of gaining a larger edge in the volume of hands being played which in the long run leads to a greater amount of profitability. Playing one game of poker at a time (like in the pre-internet days) is a pure recreational activity and relies on a great deal of luck if you're hoping to make any profit, whereas multi-tabling takes the majority of luck out of the scenario and instead replaces it with strategy.

Multi-tabling is the latest technology that professional poker players could have only have dreamed of a few years ago. Chris Moneymaker would have killed to have the opportunity to play poker in such a way ahead of his 2003 World Series of Poker triumph.

There is a certain stigma that surrounds real life casinos, anyone who hasn't been to one would be forgiven for thinking it was just a group of middle-aged men in smart suits, sitting around smoking, not really talking to each other and playing a few hands of blackjack. After all, that is how casinos are depicted in movies like James Bond in Dr No. That is where the technology of online casinos offer a far more friendly interface for playing online games. Slots and various games utilise video game characteristics and cult favourite characters. This is likely to attract players who usually wouldn't set foot in a casino, purely because they feel they can relate to the game if one of their favourite movies is being used within the marketing of the website.