The aim of ‘retro’ is to evoke feelings of nostalgia in order to satisfy a potential customer.

Products are often re-created due to previous success and demand from customers.

Films are re-made in order to attract a younger audience and improve on a classic.

Some companies adopt a retro-feel on their website; this is done to stand out from the crowd.

Customers are often willing to pay extra to appear unique and remind themselves of previous eras.

Despite constantly innovating technology, new music, fashion trends and fast paced cultural changes, we just can't seem to let the past go. The term 'retro' is quickly applied to a massive range of goods and services with the aim of using nostalgia to make more money.


An old fashioned phone - Source: Pinterest

In an age where smartphones have become our cameras, credit cards and gaming devices, there is still a demand for one of the most popular phones in history. Before the days of 3G, colour screens and even storage space for more than 100 contacts, there was the Nokia 3310. The phone revolutionised the way we communicate, with SMS and Snake the cutting edge mobile technologies of the early 2000s.

Phones have evolved, some people prefer the old-fashioned style - Source:

Although the 3310 is pretty archaic compared to the soon to be released iPhone X, people still love the look, feel and design of this exceptional phone. An updated version is now available, although new additions like a colour screen and internet connectivity have made the device a bit more usable in 2017.

The re-made Nokia 3310 - Source: Nokia


Even Hollywood is on the case. Aside from the number of reboots plucking at Generation X, Y and Z’s heartstrings with remakes of 80s and 90s classics like, Tron, Robocop and Judge Dredd, Steven Spielberg is using retro pop culture icons like the DeLorean and Freddy Kruger in the upcoming Ready Player One.

The re-made Robocop - Source:


The unique 777 Casino theme - Source: 777 Casino

As well as physical products with retro styling, like upcoming Jaguar E Type and the incredible Sega Megadrive mini remake, websites are getting a piece of the action with retro styling helping to stand out from the crowd. Online casinos face plenty of competition, by having a unique website design and games to fit in with the theme of it, they can get ahead of others in the industry; this is exactly what is done at 777 Casino. An online casino must have a fantastic range of both table games and exciting virtual slots, but having a well-designed website that is different to anything else on the web certainly helps. If you're ever wondering just how primitive web design used to be however, the retro You've Got Mail website still works.

Vintage items

Retro styling isn't just a fad enjoyed by a handful of people either. It turns out that the market for vintage items on eBay is worth around $1 billion, with things like 1980s training shoes, old records and early video games selling quickly and at inflated prices. This has been one of the key drivers in the 'upcycling' trend, with people preferring to sell on their old items rather than send them to landfill, which is only a good thing.

The re-made 1970’s Chuck Taylor Converse - Source: Pinterest

The future of retro styling looks bright, with more recognisable products making resurgences. There have even been a few miracle stories, such as the return of Lucky Charms and Honey Nut Loops cereals to UK shelves, but none are as incredible as the re-birth of vinyl.

In 1936, Converse All-Stars were worn by team USA in the first ever Olympic basketball game, they went on to win 7 medals wearing them. - Source: USC News


The first true mass produced method of distributing music, the humble vinyl pressing was the media of choice from the early 1900s all the way up to the 1980s when tape and eventually CD took over. In the late 2000s, it looked like vinyl was finally dead, with minimal sales thanks to a preference for MP3 and early streaming services.

Reel-to-reel portable tape recorder, mid-20th century - Source:

Then, almost out nowhere, more turntables and vinyls began to be sold. It seems that consumers are willing to pay extra for the tactile, high quality feel of vinyl rather than sinking money into the virtual ownership of music that can't be touched or coveted. Let's hope more of these retro products can be brought back to life!

Re-configured vinyl - Source: Vice