Ever since partying was invented we’ve taken pleasure in doing so surrounded by green; with the sun beating down on our face, the still warmth mediated by a cool breeze, and someone’s new speakers getting carted out for a test run. Two frustrations often emerge from this though. Your mate’s speakers can be tinny and metallic; and the further the party continues the more irritating the crappiness of the sound becomes. We’re also becoming increasingly aware of the lasting impact that park parties and festivals have on the environment, as we often leave fields of empties strewn in our wake; as a Londoner I recognise this sight all too well.

But what if there was a way to combine being environmentally conscious with park revelry? Or better yet, have them enable one another?! It’s an idea which this year inspired Kopparberg to create the Recycling Rig; a DJ rig composed of up-cycled materials including reclaimed wood and disused speakers. It’s a three-metre truck exhibiting a DJ nest on top and a 30 speaker sound system powered by empties and bottles thrown in the back by partiers, where a wheel generates energy through crushing the disused items. Which, quite brilliantly, means the more bottles and cans, the louder the volume.

They benefit each other simultaneously; the more recycled goods you create, the harder you’re partying and the more fun you have! When the Rig made its debut in East London this Summer, including appearances in Victoria Park and London Fields, dozens of weekenders enjoyed bigger beats and bars in exchange for bottles and busted cans. DJ Yoda and Pixie Geldof even joined in with DJ sets at one point.

Cracking open a few cold ones and blaring Summer anthems at max volume became a greener activity. Fånga Dagen is a Swedish term which invokes Kopparberg’s philosophy of “life is what you make it”; seizing the day and enjoying life as much you can. If life is what you make it than the Recycling Rig is certainly a beat in the right direction.

Cleaning up after boozing in the park and being wary of litter may seem trivial, but enough small gestures collated together matter. What also matters are the fond memories you create and assemble across these summers. As they fade into nostalgia you’ll recall the euphoria of the dancing and out-of-tune singalongs, the hazy blare of the music under the sun’s heat, and look back affectionately. So, keep your empties handy if you want the climate cooler and the music louder.