In the modern-day, and following the continued advancements in the technology sector, the smartphone market has grown increasingly competitive. With vast numbers of developers releasing high-spec devices that are easily available to prospective customers, the choice on offer is greater and more developed than ever before. Devices such as the Huawei P30 Pro, iPhone X and Samsung S10 feature advanced hardware and software that has taken mobile gaming to the next level. Alongside these releases, however, on August 7th 2019, Samsung unveiled their latest development, the Galaxy Note 10.

Following Samsung’s latest release into the market, and with the sector already being widely regarded as one of the most competitive, we’re going to look at the Note 10 and consider how it compares to some of its rivals, while also looking into its gaming capabilities.


First and foremost, Samsung believes that its newest smartphone introduces next-level power into the industry. The Note 10 is fitted with a 5G chip and it’s 7nm processor offers the same level of performance as the P30 Pro. However, the Note 10 does appear to come into its own in regard to available RAM. The iPhone X only offers users 3GB of RAM, which is considerably less than the 12GB on offer within Samsung’s latest release. In comparison to some of its competitors, the Note 10 appears more than capable of performing to a high standard when it comes to all aspects of potential usage.

Moreover, the device also offers a prolonged period of gaming. It’s 4300 mAh battery is typically more long-lasting than the 4200 mAh capacity of the P30 Pro and the 2700 mAh battery within the iPhone X. Additionally, the 512GB internal storage takes mobile memory to new levels and allows users the option to have a vast collection of mobile games on their smartphone.

Gaming Potential

Over the last few years, the mobile gaming market has become one of the most popular within the industry with over 2.4 billion people anticipated to play mobile games this year alone. As a result of this surge in user numbers, many traditional console and PC developers have created mobile adaptations of their titles which can now be enjoyed remotely from any location. Following the success of releases such as Fortnite and PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds, some of the industry’s largest open-world titles are now available to enjoy across a range of mobile devices.

Along with the open world market, the mobile casino sector has also flourished due to the rise in mobile gaming. Platforms such as Mr Green have launched a mobile app which allows users to enjoy a range of traditional casino games. Due to the advancements made in both hardware and software within mobile devices such as the Note 10, prospective gamers can participate in roulette, the iconic and much-loved casino game, in a variety of formats including American, European and French without any issues.

A Device to Consider

Ultimately, the Note 10 appears to be a strong option for those looking to enjoy in-depth and prolonged periods of mobile gaming. However, with the device costing around $1050, some of its competitors may be worth considering for those who are looking for a value for money mobile experience. With that being said, if money is no object, then the Note 10 certainly seems worth considering.