People like to gamble, but why they do it? They do it just for fun or maybe the idea of winning something big with a throw of the dice is what they make them feel so good. Therefore, there is a big interest in gamble games and some smart people tried to make their own casino games.

The History of Slots

Back in 1891, two men from New York made the first gamble machine. The machine had 5 drums holding 50 card faces and was based on the classic poker game. Even though the machine had an impressive mechanism for that era, it didn’t have great success.

In the same period, somewhere in California, a German-made a more simplistic slot machine. His name was Charles Frey and he invented the slot machine that had a great success. The name of the machine was Liberty Bell and had 3 reels with 5 simple symbols.

Since then, more people got involved in the development of slot machines. There even was an American company that took this objective very serious. In 1963, Bally made the first electromechanical slot, the Money Honey. Just like most of the slot machines at that time, it had 3 reels and fruit symbols.

Modern Virtual-Reel

Fast forward to 21th century, there are so many slots that is impossible to tell how many they are. There are still some famous slots like Beetle Mania Deluxe, Golden Planet or Sizzling Hot. Beetle Mania Deluxe is full of colourful insects, while Golden Planet is about space travel. On the other hand, Sizzling Hot remains a classic using fruit symbols and giving an old-school feeling.

In Brief

To sum up, the slot machine is the easiest game that can be played in a gambling house. Simple, yet enjoyable. The wide range of themes found in slot games is so wide that can please any taste. If you want a game that has the technology of today and the look of an old slot, Sizzling Hot is one of the best choices.