Kanye West sent out a casting call for "multiracial women only" for his forthcoming Yeezy Season 4 collection. For obvious reasons, people were not pleased with Ye's colorist ideals and one particular woman crashed the casting call topless to call out Kanye with a sign that read "'multiracial only' = lightskin only...you ain't slick, Ye."

She has now taken to her social media page to pen an essay on exactly why she did what she did. "This is an indictment of not just Yeezy but the entire fashion and beauty industry in which there is a racialized hierarchy of beauty which is a ubiquitous symptom of the legacy of colonialism," she wrote. "Regardless of whether Yeezy does choose to include darkskinned women in the end, the coded language of the casting call was clear and a part of a broader problem of colorism in the fashion industry." Read below.

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