Remember when meeting someone on the web bore certain risks? Less than two decades ago, we were not able to really get to know someone online due to the lack of proper platforms, social media, and high bandwidth.

The situation has changed, and hundreds of beautiful stories of people meeting online have emerged since then, with many falling in love, and even marrying each other. In fact, it has become so common among younger generations that they consider it odd to get acquainted with someone by meeting them in person.

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Be that as it may, the couples presented in this article did it way before it was popular and found their significant other thanks to the biggest breakthrough of the 20th and the 21st century which we call the Internet.

Bill and Freddi Strauss

Bill and Freddi Strauss have been married for a long time, and they lead a very happy life in San Fernando Valley in California.

What makes them unique is that they are officially the first couple that met on the web, back in 1995. In fact, the Daily Mail even published an article in 2015, writing about this unusual love story and how they celebrated the 20th anniversary of meeting online.

At the time these two started looking for their other half, meeting online was pretty unheard of. Both of them faced a lot of negativity from their families and friends who did not approve of that kind of soul-searching.

Jack and Renee

When Jack and Renee met, they were in their sixties. Both of them are very religious, and it seems that religion played an essential role in their bonding. When Jack first noticed Renee on a Jewish dating site, she had a picture of her lighting a religious candle. That made Jack say “Hi” to her, and one thing lead to another.

Nikki and Malliha

What’s interesting about this couple is that they did not meet using a platform for online dating. In fact, they found each other on Instagram. Although one cannot see a lot of personal info on this social medium, Nikki was taken aback by the beauty of a photo posted by Malliha. They started following each other and commenting on each other’s pictures.

The story took an unusual turn when they accidentally met at an event they both attended. That was enough for them to hit it off as they figured that they had a lot in common.

Katie and Edison

Their story is also an unusual one since they met via Omegle. It is a platform similar to Chatroulette where users get to video-chat with random people from all over the world.

When the two connected, they had started by making fun of each other being on Omegle, but eventually hit it off by finding out that they liked the same music. Both of them admitted that they had been a bit scared and nervous when they had to meet in person for the first time, despite video-chatting with each other many times before that. Katie and Edison had been dating for eight months when they decided it was time to live together.

Brendan and Josh

Although now there are many platforms that focus only on gay dating, Brendan and Josh did not have the convenience of using them as they met online way before that. In fact, they were attracted to each other just by looking at the pictures and decided to start a conversation via email. They admitted to being shy to tell people how they had met back in the day, but now that the whole online dating stigma is down, they are even proud of the manner their relationship started.


Love always finds its way, even if it’s between people who are thousands of miles away. The 21st century has brought us hundreds of different useful things, and the most prominent one is being able to find your soulmate much easier. They may live just around the corner or on the other side of the planet, but they are definitely somewhere in this world, and we have an opportunity to reach them much faster.

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