In almost all parts of the United States, traffic violations are taken quite seriously. Especially, if it leads to accidents or presents severe traffic conditions. Drunk driving is a major issue across all states and so there are strict traffic regulations to bring it under control. DUI (Driving under the influence) is viewed as a serious traffic violation and can attract harsh penalties. These penalties include fines, revocation of license and even jail time.

If you are being charged with a DUI lawsuit, you might be worried about the consequences and litigation. Here’s what you need to know to get your best shot at your defence.

Get your story straight

Being in court can be a stressful experience, which can lead to mistakes. Before going in for a trial or taking any action, work on your story. With all the legal jargon and scrutiny, you tend to say something wrong or mention something that can weaken your case. Sit down with your attorney to discuss the facts and establish a story to present to the jury.

Know your defences

Even if you have been convicted for DUI, there are a number of arguments and defences that can help you out. Arguments such as ‘You were detained for DUI, even though you weren’t driving the vehicle.’, ‘Your breath test results indicate alcohol permissible within permissible limits’, ‘Mishandled test or incorrect results’, and ‘Cop detained you for no valid reason’ etc. can all be used provided the evidence and your version of the story supports these arguments. Weigh your defences with your Appleton criminal defense lawyer and build a robust story.

What to do in case of an accident?

A DUI case can become complicated if it involves an accident. Accidents bring along property damages and involves insurance companies and injury. Thus piling up various legal grounds – property destruction, personal injury, traffic violation, substance abuse and more. This makes the cases difficult to handle. However, just because you are being convicted of DUI, doesn’t necessarily make you responsible for the accident.

Gathering evidence

In a court of law, the evidence is the most powerful asset. You can make your version of the story more impactful by providing supporting evidence. It is often advised to take pictures of the arrest area, request for an independent blood alcohol test and medical evaluation and talk to witnesses. Reckless or bad driving is often attributed to drunk driving. If you are having car troubles, make sure you have photos of the car in question and documents indicating the technical issues of the car. Furthermore, if you have a medical condition which can be a probable reason for being suspected for DUI by a cop. Make sure you highlight and support it with medical records.

People often mistake DUI cases as simple traffic violation charges that can be dealt with without any troubles. However, it is essential to understand that drunk driving offences are prosecuted severely and any negligence can lead to heavy penalties. Opt for an experienced Appleton criminal defense lawyer and protect your rights against criminal justice conviction.