It is a telling statement. Visual artist Jenner Bolande took on the project of heading to Coachella Valley to replace billboards with the gorgeous mountain scene they block.

Visible Distance / Second Sight was a project created to help curate vanishing billboards in order to reclaim natural space. When viewed at the right angle, the images align with the mountains behind them. Why need commercial advertising in the desert when you have that view?

 photo landscapes-billboards-art-jennifer-bolande-desertx-2_zpsgo4nrikc.jpg

 photo landscapes-billboards-art-jennifer-bolande-desertx-5_zpsj1wbg3si.jpg

 photo landscapes-billboards-art-jennifer-bolande-desertx-3_zpsbxtv7w5a.jpg

 photo landscapes-billboards-art-jennifer-bolande-desertx-4_zpszxxebm3a.jpg