The rapper-turned-meme attacked a rapper, creating a new meme in the process. In 2015, the rap beef battleground is social media, with each opponent trading in binary. Still, the artwork was great and all parties involved probably pushed a lot of units. What more could you ask for?

5. Jamie Lidell - 'Pink Light'

'Pink Light' burns with Lidell's warm echoes, traced with light synth atmospheres and apparent '80s aesthetics. The familiar machinations, however, don't seem like a retread thanks to the fabulous production.

4. FREJA - 'Young Heart'

A bouncy pop track imbued with sunny, carefree vibes, perhaps owing to its throwback sound, both in the resounding '80s-flavoured drums and its similarly retro synth flutterings, with the chord pattern summoning the spirit of the more contemporaneous sound of electro-infused pop rock. Plus it's super catchy. What's not to like in these joyful few minutes of summery fun?

3. KABLAM - 'Spirito Sarrando'

For her newest work, the Janus collective member contorts samples from Rio De Janiero's MC Marcelly and some 15th century choral orchestrations.

2. MUNA - 'Promise'

It's a genuinely perfect summer night anthem, flickering with the outwardly gorgeous vocals of lead singer Katie and shimmering gloss pop.

1. Drake - 'Back to Back'

Love him or hate it, Drake certainly made this week interesting.