Update: Rather than move forward with the reported claim, Donald Trump has showed that he's at least partly human by continue supporting and protecting the LGBTQ community from discrimination. "The executive order signed in 2014, which protects employees from anti-LGBTQ workplace discrimination while working for federal contractors, will remain intact," said a White House statement.


Donald Trump continues his rampage from hell by taking his attentions off banning Muslims for just a second to target the LGBTQ community for a while, instead.

Reports are swirling that Trump is putting together an executive order, which will allow anti-LGBTQ discrimination in areas like employment, business, adoption and other social services. Basically, discrimination will be accepted based on "religious belief." Holy hell.

Washington Post columnist Josh Rogin reported the news on Twitter, although Sean Spice has refused to answer any questions but in the past, Donald Trump has spoken about his support for the First Amendment Defense Act, which allows businesses and individuals to discriminate against people with no ability to prosecute them for it.